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Review: Tanks! for webOS 23

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 20 Sep 2010 1:11 pm EDT


Tanks! for webOS is a simple, vector graphics-based game where you ...shoot at tanks. That's pretty much it, but it's addictive as all get out, has good sound (use headphones, as the sound is now directional), and a blast.

It's a simple game - you simply launch, tap, and then get to driving and shooting. Controls are handled with two fingers - one on either side of the screen. These control the two treads of your tank, so steering take a bit to get used to. You tap the center of the screen to fire and keep an eye on the radar there to see the other tanks that are gunning for you. The result of all that is a game where you can actually see what's going on (since your fingers are on the sides of the screen) as you play.

It's a buck, it's fun, it's retro-cool, it's a crime it's not moving up on the PDK Hot Apps Leaderboard, and it should be on your device. Check out a quick video of the game after the break!