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Review: TimeTracker Full 14

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 09 Apr 2010 1:25 pm EDT

We took a look at the Timebits time tracking app a few months ago, and found that the program wasn’t quite up to snuff for folks serious about the detailed tracking and analysis of their time. Since then, other options have began to appear in the time tracking space, and TimeTracker Full ($9.99 in the App Catalog) does an excellent job of tracking your time and logging your data, all while automatically starting tasks by WiFi SSID or GPS location.

Freelancers: be excited.

Features and use

The user interface of TimeTracker is well done throughout the program.   The main screen displays your list of projects, and has a persistent “weekly summary” bar graph that details how many hours per day you’re spending on each project. It’s easy for programs like this to be heavily laden with layer upon layer of menu structure, but the folks behind TimeTracker keep things simple: you’ll find 3 persistent on-screen UI buttons that get you to your data in graph form, a toggle for manual or automatic mode, and a new project creation button.

Project creation is as simple as tapping the “new project” button. From here, you can set the project name, rate of pay, and currency. Unlike any other program currently in this category, you can set tasks to automatically begin whenever you’re connected to a defined WiFi SSID (the program automatically grabs the SSID from your currently connected WiFi hotspot to make things easier), and GPS. You can also edit project details at any point, allowing you to modify recorded time periods and any other detail you’d like.


The program has two modes of operation: manual and automatic. In manual mode, each task has to be started and terminated by hand, and closing the application doesn’t terminate any currently active tasks. This has led to projects displaying humorously inaccurate time (well, I guess 345 hours worth of reading PreCentral isn’t that far off). In automatic mode, every task that has a predefined WiFi SSID or GPS location will automatically start and end as you enter and leave range of those predefined areas.

TimeTracker allows you to view your data in several different graph forms. You can view charts per project, and with all projects combined. In this area of the program, you can see you’re daily utilization in hours, distribution over time, distribution over money, and the details of when each project was started and stopped. This data can all be viewed in day, week, month, and year view.

Topping everything off is the programs ability to email, in rich HTML, all of your logged data for use in spreadsheet programs like Excel. The emailed data also acts as a database backup of the program itself, so in the event your data gets wiped, phone gets stolen, or some other event preventing you from getting to your data, you can easily import it back in. It would be nice if everything were exported in .csv format, but copying and pasting from any HTML capable e-mail client to most spreadsheet programs works just fine.

 Gmail, however, appears to be out of the question - when you copy the data to the clipboard, the tables are not included, so you end up with a rather useless single line of data.  I can report, though, that the copy and paste method does work when using a desktop client like Outlook.


TimeTracker Pro is easily the most feature rich and easy to use time tracking application in the App Catalog. Being able to set tasks to automatically start based on your location is a smart feature, and the detailed analytics of your time are sure to make you optimally productive and, and ensure that you're properly paid for your time.  The $10 asking price isn't inexpensive to be sure, but its a good price for a solid program for those who need the utility this program offers.