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Review: Touchstone compatible Otterbox case for Pre Series by Touchstonemods.com 9

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Thu, 10 Mar 2011 5:08 pm EST

As miraculous a technology as is the Touchstone, it has forced a choice on some users: whether to use the Touchstone or some non-compatible peripheral such as a case or external battery. Steve Burlbaw of TouchstoneMods.com, who previously created the solution for Seidio 2600 mA extended battery owners to also use a Touchstone, has just added a new product to his offerings: a Touchstone Compatible OtterBox case for the Pre, Pre Plus and Pre 2. We were lent one of these new Otterbox cases for a brief review.

For those that may not be familiar with Otterbox, they make sturdy yet attractive cases for a variety of devices including Palm smartphones. The Otterbox Pre case, similar to other covers, consists of two pieces: a flexible, protective and grip-enhancing overlay for the back of the Pre, and a thinner rim for the front that extends past the touchscreen, keeping it from impacting on the ground if it falls face down. Both are made from "impact-resistant polycarbonate with rubber over-molding" (according to Otterbox) and affixed with clips, which seem sturdier and less prone to snapping than those on the Seidio Innocase. On its own, the Otterbox is a bit too thick to allow sufficient magnetic field strength to penetrate to a standard Touchstone back for attaching or charging on the stone.


App Review: MOLO Photo Filters 2

by Riz Parvez Sat, 19 Feb 2011 3:45 pm EST

The cameras currently available on our webOS devices leave a lot to be desired. With low horsepower, long load times, and an absence of autofocus or manual controls, they're not up to the task of taking over as our primary shooters. However, there's still a huge role for them as the device that "captures the moment," and with an app like MOLO Photo Filters Pro you can add considerable impact those photos you’re taking on the fly.


App Review: InterfaceLIFT 18

by Nathan Mylott Tue, 01 Feb 2011 10:56 am EST

Wallpaper apps are a dime a dozen on webOS, and on Android and iPhone too for that matter, but InterfaceLIFT is a cut above the rest. InterfaceLIFT draws its images from the online gallery of the same name (InterfaceLIFT.com), a site with thousands of images of awe inspiring beauty, contributed by highly skilled photographers using the best equipment. They really are among the best wallpapers you will find anywhere and the app features a higher level of functionality than most wallpaper apps could dream of.


App Review: Sky Labyrinth 5

by Riz Parvez Sun, 23 Jan 2011 10:15 pm EST

Puzzle fanatics on webOS will have plenty of fun with the latest release from indie developer Willculus, author of Helicopter 3d and the well-received Graphing and Advanced Calculator CT8300 apps. Sky Labyrinth is a challenging 3d puzzle game with a simple premise: roll your rectangular game piece through each maze and get it to stand entirely on the green “exit” square using the on-screen directional controls. Tapping on each arrow causes the piece to fall in that direction, and due to the piece’s shape you have to keep reorienting it to get it past obstacles. While the concept is rudimentary, many of the advanced levels are satisfyingly complex, particularly when collapsing and rebounding floor pieces get thrown into the mix. I was certainly scratching my head trying to manipulate the cube in three dimensions (and often just falling off the board entirely in the process).

Sky Labyrinth was obviously built with “mobile-minute” gameplay in mind. The game isn’t graphically intense, so it loads pretty fast. It also autosaves every time you exit, so you can quickly squeeze in a level or two when there’s a little downtime then just toss the card when it’s time to get back to work. Currently there are 50 levels included in the game, and the developer notes that he plans on adding more, along with new modes and tiles.

On the downside, there are some rough edges still apparent in this initial release of the app. Multitouch camera adjustments lack polish, and game options like level select are absent. A move counter would also be a great addition. Finally, it’d be great if the autosave feature would take into account exactly where you are on the board when the app is closed, but currently it only saves the level and restarts you at the beginning when you return. Willculus noted in response to this that he welcomes user feedback and will be adding more options and features as a result.

So if puzzle games are your thing, Sky Labyrinth is worth a look. The premise is interesting and gameplay is entertaining. The difficulty level seems very good, and autosaving is a nice touch to keep you coming back for more. Sky Labyrinth is available now in the app catalog for $1.99 with a free demo version available as well.


Review: Rhythm News Reader 33

by Mark Jensen Mon, 20 Dec 2010 9:46 pm EST

While webOS certainly has its share of news reader apps, currently at well over one hundred, we welcome more, especially if they are as innovative and as well executed as Rhythm News Reader.  So, news junkies take note, here is an early review of what could possibly be your next webOS news reader.


App Preview: TripKit Beta: TripIt for webOS 21

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 14 Dec 2010 6:58 pm EST

Lately I've been traveling. Actually, I've been traveling a ton and expect that with the coming "show season" spanning Christmas, CES, CTIA, Mobile World Congress, and a few other trips in between, that trend is going to continue. The essential service for managing that travel is TripIt, which lets you forward any confirmation you get from airlines, hotels, and plenty others to an email address where TripIt automatically parses them into incredibly useful itineraries with flight information, hotel information, maps, networks of other travelers, and more. It's a simple concept that has pretty much changed my travel life for the better.

The best part about using TripIt is that those itineraries are quickly available on your phone - often in an app. To date with webOS we've had to content with the (admittedly pretty good) TripIt mobile site. Soon, we'll have an app just like the other guys. It's not coming from TripIt directly, instead it's coming from Syntactix. You may have heard they needed a name for the app? It's been chosen, it's now called TripKit, and it's pretty great - even though it's still in Beta.

Like any self-respecting TripIt app, it gives you quick and easy access to your itinerary items. If you subscribe to TripIt Pro, you can also track all your points for airlines and hotels. A few of the links open up the web browser in a separate card - but actually this isn't all that far off from the iPhone version, which also often reverts to a mobile Safari view within the app.

It's still in Beta and currently doesn't work on webOS 2.0 due to some unexpected changes in how data is stored in the new OS (they're working on a quality fix, fret not). No word when it will escape Beta and hit the App Catalog officially, but when it does it'll be a must-buy for frequent flyers. 


Exclusive App Preview: Incredible! for webOS 57

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 10 Dec 2010 3:34 pm EST

  Incredible for webOS

webOS Developer Geoff Gauchet (aka @zhephree) has brought plenty of goodness to us all, most famously with his FourSquare app and Neato! for shooting data to and from webOS devices and computers. For his next trick, Gauchet is planning on bringing a new app called Incredible! that will serve as an aggregated social media reading tool.

Incredible! will pull in Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Flickr, Gowalla, Picasa, Delicious, LinkedIn, YouTube, Untappd, and, yes, a few other streams into a single unified app. Rather than try to be a full-featured client for all of these services, Incredible! will focus on providing a single way to read your entire social stream in an interface that is able to give you all those services in something actually readable.

There have been attempts to do similar things on other platforms (MotoBlur on Android comes to mind) and even on the desktop. Based on the screenshots and plans for the app, we're optimistic that Gauchet just may have done a better job than any of them. Read on for our exclusive preview of Incredible!


Review: Tradewinds 2 22

by Nathan Mylott Mon, 22 Nov 2010 2:12 pm EST

Tradewinds 2 menu screen

A?straware's newest release for webOS, an old PC classic Tradewinds 2, has a depth not found on a lot of mobile games, although it is not the prettiest presentation.

The game sets you in the Caribbean at the start of the 18th century. You are a merchant traveler sailing between the islands to make money and battling pirate ships in between. You can outfit your ship with a few different weapon types and as you progress, you will be able to buy better ships. Each time you sail to a different port, time passes. You will be able to see the date as you travel around and that will have an effect on the game sometimes.

Read on for the full review!


Review: Quell for webOS 8

by Nathan Mylott Sun, 21 Nov 2010 9:45 am EST

Main menu of Quell

Soft music of a gentle tinkling on the piano, raindrops pattering against the window as you sit before the fire in your country home doing a puzzle. This is the serenity into which you are dropped as you launch Quell, a puzzler that just hit the App Catalog from developer Fallen Tree Games.

The game play of Quell is most closely related to Droplets, though in terms of its peaceful atmosphere and pretty visuals, it is more akin to Ancient Frog, at least in terms of the way it leaves you feeling mellow and refreshed. It is a fun, addicting puzzler that is not too hard for those of you who are easily frustrated by puzzles yet challenging enough to keep a pro puzzle solver interested.


Palm Pre 2 Hands-On! 40

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 20 Nov 2010 5:18 pm EST

  Palm Pre 2

Sure, we've given you the full work-up on webOS 2.0 already and we did it based on the OS running on a Palm Pre 2, but that was a pre-production unit and so we couldn't really get into how the hardware felt. However after today's Oprah Moment at Developer Day we now have a full production unlocked GSM Palm Pre 2 in hand.

No, it's not the Palm Pre 2 hacked onto Sprint, instead it's the standard North American version, unlocked with support for 3G on AT&T's bands (or EDGE-only on T-Mobile). It's available now for $450 to regular folks and $250 to developers.

Read on for some very quick first impressions and, of course, a photo gallery!