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webOS 2.0 in 10 minutes [Video] 42

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 19 Oct 2010 10:01 am EDT

Looking for skinny on webOS 2.0 and don't have the time to read our massive webOS 2.0 Review? Look no further - we break down the major features in webOS 2.0 - from Stacks to Just Type to the new Launcher to, yes, Flash. It's all here.


webOS 2.0 Screenshot Gallery 26

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 19 Oct 2010 10:00 am EDT

Something you missed in our webOS 2.0 review? The screenshot just might be here in our webOS 2.0 gallery. Check it out!


Review: Pronto Dial 21

by Mark Jensen Wed, 13 Oct 2010 12:52 pm EDT

Pronto Dial Speed dial apps certainly aren’t for everyone. It is not uncommon for webOS users to make the “no need” case against speed dial apps, as webOS does in fact have many speed dialing features built-in to its native functionality. There is the oh-so-handy universal search, soon to be rebranded as “Just Type.” There are physical keys aplenty just waiting to be assigned one-touch speed dial functionality. Point being, these are just some of the “no need” arguments waged against speed dial apps made for webOS, and we have to admit, these arguments are not without merit.

However, if one-touch assigned physical keys or “just typing” to speed dial isn’t enough for you, there are currently some twenty-some speed dial apps available to you in App Catalog. That’s nothing new, as speed dial apps have been among some of the very first available for download in the early days of the App Catalog, and have been a mainstay among apps since the days of Palm OS and the old-school Treo line.

One such speed dial app, Pronto Dial, $3.00 from angryGoat (love that name), has more than just hit my radar of late. It has replaced my phone app and landed a permanent spot on my Pre’s launch bar. Pronto Dial is a relative latecomer to the speed dialer party. It was first available just a few short months ago, early July 2010 to be exact, long after other speed dial apps had enjoyed nearly a full year of exposure and development, and even tens of thousands of combined downloads. To date, Pronto Dial clocks in with a respectable but room-to-move download count just over 2,200 total downloads as of this writing.


Review: Tanks! for webOS 23

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 20 Sep 2010 1:11 pm EDT


Tanks! for webOS is a simple, vector graphics-based game where you ...shoot at tanks. That's pretty much it, but it's addictive as all get out, has good sound (use headphones, as the sound is now directional), and a blast.

It's a simple game - you simply launch, tap, and then get to driving and shooting. Controls are handled with two fingers - one on either side of the screen. These control the two treads of your tank, so steering take a bit to get used to. You tap the center of the screen to fire and keep an eye on the radar there to see the other tanks that are gunning for you. The result of all that is a game where you can actually see what's going on (since your fingers are on the sides of the screen) as you play.

It's a buck, it's fun, it's retro-cool, it's a crime it's not moving up on the PDK Hot Apps Leaderboard, and it should be on your device. Check out a quick video of the game after the break!


Review: Box.net for webOS 14

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 17 Sep 2010 3:35 pm EDT


Robert Knight sent in this review of the Box.net app, if that's your cloud storage of choice, you're going to like what you see here. It's been submitted to Palm for review and we hope to see it soon. Thanks Robert!

Box.net provides online storage that can be accessed from any computer and some mobile phones. webOS has two applications to my knowledge that provide mobile access to Box.net. The first application is Boxalicious which I have installed and used when needed. The new webOS app is simply called Box.net for webOS. Although it's still in beta, Box.net users will want it. 

Read on for the full review!


Review: TouchstoneMods Seidio 2600 back conversion 24

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Thu, 09 Sep 2010 12:44 pm EDT

When the Pre was released in June 2009, there were two power-related features that made users particularly excited. First was the Touchstone, the inductive charger whose system-level integration with webOS (automatic speakerphone, clock display, etc.) and thoughtful design (sticky back, magnets for easier and more secure placement) put it well beyond the third-party solutions available for competitors. The second innovation, at least when compared to the iPhone, was Palm’s choice to make the Pre’s battery easily replaceable. Once users found out how quickly a Pre with all radios on (WiFi, data, GPS, Bluetooth) could go through its standard 1100 mAh battery, the ability to swap out batteries was both appreciated and crucial for long days, although Palm’s spare batteries were no better than the originals.


Bad Kitty 1.5 bringing speed, other enhancements, and speed 14

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 07 Sep 2010 12:51 pm EDT

  Bad Kitty

We've been testing the new version 1.5 of Bad Kitty and here's what you need to know: it's stupid-fast, crazy-pretty, and insanely-filled with features. If you are looking for all of the above in a Twitter client, just wait. It has been submitted to Palm for review and we expect to see it live soon.

Bad Kitty keeps its basic structure of showing classy overview pages that you drill into to get to your twitter lists, then back out of to switch. Many people prefer a button structure (I know I do) where you are one tap away from switching between your full list and your @ replies. What may surprise you is that Bad Kitty is So Fast that with this app, it's not as painful as you might thing to do all those back swipes. The lack of a new tweet button is not a problem - you can "Just Type" to start a tweet.

But all that is old news with Bad Kitty - what's new, including a photo gallery, a neat wallpaper for ya, and a video showing the speed, is after the break!


Review: Galcon 11

by Robert Werlinger Thu, 26 Aug 2010 12:21 pm EDT

The update of webOS to 1.4.5 has opened the floodgates to 3D titles from independent developers. From games like Angry Birds to apps like Multi-Touch Piano, things are finally starting to get interesting in the App Catalog. We recently featured Galcon ($2.99) in our 5 PDK titles you should own roundup, and we thought that we’d go a little further in depth with this fun, highly addictive PDK title.


Review: Jot It 14

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 16 Aug 2010 12:06 pm EDT

Note taking applications are quickly becoming a dime a dozen in the App Catalog, and only the ones that take a unique approach or offer high levels of functionality can hope to succeed. Jot It, which is currently selling for $1.99 in the App Catalog, doesn’t offer much more in terms of functionality that its contemporaries in the catalog, but the way it approaches user interface is indeed unique.  


Review: BlogBooster 7

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 06 Aug 2010 12:20 pm EDT

We’ve all been there: you’re out and about, the only web-connected device you have access to is your phone, a wave of inspiration hits and you need to update your blog now. Some services offer an optimized for mobile web portal, but none of them are as useful as a native app. We’ve taken a look at the excellent Poster before, and now there’s a new kid on the block: BlogBooster, which is currently selling for $4.99 in the App Catalog. How does it stack up to the services integration of Poster and the word processing abilities of Scratch? Read on after the break to find out.