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Review: Krusell Dynamic Leather Case for Palm Pre 19

by Derek Kessler Tue, 11 May 2010 4:21 pm EDT

Krusell Dynamic Leather Case for Palm Pre  

Long regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of rugged and adaptable cases, Krusell’s Dynamic Leather Case for the Palm Pre sets forth to bring that reputation to Palm cases - but falls short. While the removable clip and touch-through cover are nice to have, the general fit of the Dynamic Leather Case falls far short of our expectations.


Review: TweetMe for webOS 46

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 07 May 2010 3:25 pm EDT

Sure, the Android Market may have gotten a well-reviewed, official Twitter client from Twitter themselves last week, but the highly anticipated TweetMe for webOS finally graced the App Catalog with its presence, bringing a strong and highly anticipated entrant into the space selling for the introductory price of $1.50. There’s no question that it’s a beautifully laid out application, but does it have what it takes to move us from the twitter apps we already use? Read on to find out.


Review: LG HBS-250 Stereo Bluetooth Headphones 15

by Derek Kessler Mon, 03 May 2010 1:37 pm EDT

LG HBS-250 Bluetooth Headphones

When it comes to headsets, it all comes down to audio quality and controls, and those sadly are the two areas where the LG HBS-250 bluetooth headphones fall short. While fairly beautiful in design execution, the HBS-250 headphones suffer from annoying static and frustrating controls that made it less than a joy to use. They do have at least one redeeming characteristic: the headphones are somewhat comfortable to wear.


Review: SplashID 36

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 03 May 2010 11:33 am EDT

As your mother always told you, using one password for all of your online accounts is a bad idea. Keeping multiple passwords for all of your various accounts is one of the best bets for online security, but remembering all of them can be challenge in and of itself. One solution is to keep them all written down and with you in your wallet or written on sticky notes and posted in various places, but that’s probably a bad idea too. For some, the only way to make managing that plethora of passwords and other pertinent account info work is if they can keep all of them strongly encrypted with one robust password that you can remember and on a device you have with you nearly all the time. Enter SplashID ($7.99 In the App Catalog), an application that allows you to keep all of your passwords in one, (hopefully) secure spot.


Review: Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset 21

by Derek Kessler Wed, 28 Apr 2010 10:47 am EDT

  Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset

Jawbone headsets have been regarded as the gold standard in both audio quality and design for years, a tradition that the Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset continues with aplomb. Going back to the original wired Jawbone headset from 2004, Aliph’s headsets have always been at the forefront of aesthetics and noise cancellation. The new Icon series of headsets does not disappoint, picking up a more compact design while still packing in even better noise cancellation technology. Even better, the Icon recently snagged a firmware update that adds in A2DP for Bluetooth music listening. As always, the newest Jawbone is easily one of the best headsets available on the market.


Book Review: Palm Pre for Dummies 13

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Fri, 23 Apr 2010 11:31 am EDT

In less than 10 months since its launch, the Pre has generated a number of books (we’ve previously reviewed Palm webOS by Paul Allen and Edward C. Baig’s Palm Pre: The Missing Manual), and as with so many other things, it has also yielded a Wiley Publishing Dummies title: Palm Pre for Dummies, by Engadget’s Mobile Editor Chris Ziegler. Although the rapid pace of webOS development may have eclipsed some of the content (it came out in late 2009), it still serves as a useful introduction to the Pre and webOS. 


Review: Outline Tracker 19

by hparsons Thu, 22 Apr 2010 9:34 am EDT

Herb Parsons checks in with an excellent review of Outline Tracker for webOS!

One of the things I've missed on my Palm Pre is is a good ToDo list. As long time users of Palm devices are well aware, our calendar integrated Tasks from the PalmOS is gone on the Pre, and was replaced with ... well, not much really. The Tasks application that comes with the Pre and Pixi seems a bit anemic at best. With limited features and little to no integration with other apps, it's become one of the "forgotten features" of my Pre. After 7 months, it looks like patience may have finally paid off for those of us looking and waiting for something more. Outline Tracker from Hominid Software (also available in a free version) will be a welcome relief for many WebOS users.


Review: TealSpeed 18

by Robert Werlinger Wed, 21 Apr 2010 1:21 pm EDT

As I browse through the App Catalog on a day to day basis, I’m sometimes drawn to the applications that endeavor to improve on the ease of use and functionality offered by webOS. Call it a morbid fascination really, as none of the applications I’ve come across in this space so far have actually improved much of anything, and end up being little more than just the waste of a few dollars. We visited the ActiveCard (2.99 in the App Catalog) application a few months ago, and found it to fit the status quo in this regard quite well.

You may be familiar with TealPoint Software, the company that got itself into hot water with Palm early last year when they mimicked the webOS interface on Palm OS devices with TealOS . Since then, the company has stocked the virtual shelves of the App Catalog with a number of apps, ranging from shopping list managers to world time clocks. The app we’re looking at today, TealSpeed ($4.99 in the App Catalog), a speed dial and launcher, is one of those applications that aims to enhance the functionality of the UI employed by webOS. Does it make the grade?


Review: Samsung WEP870 Convertible Bluetooth Headset 9

by Derek Kessler Sun, 11 Apr 2010 7:42 pm EDT

Samsung WEP870 Convertible Bluetooth Headset

While pretty much every pair of bluetooth headphones offers at least basic functionality to go along with playing music, the Samsung WEP870 Convertible Bluetooth Headset is one of only a few headsets that manage to bring basic stereo music functionality to the traditional headset form factor. It doesn’t hurt that the modular design means you can get music in multiple ways. And it’s also good that this whole combo both looks and sounds pretty decent.


Review: TimeTracker Full 14

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 09 Apr 2010 1:25 pm EDT

We took a look at the Timebits time tracking app a few months ago, and found that the program wasn’t quite up to snuff for folks serious about the detailed tracking and analysis of their time. Since then, other options have began to appear in the time tracking space, and TimeTracker Full ($9.99 in the App Catalog) does an excellent job of tracking your time and logging your data, all while automatically starting tasks by WiFi SSID or GPS location.

Freelancers: be excited.