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Review: Feeds 22

by Robert Werlinger Wed, 20 Jan 2010 10:43 am EST



RSS readers are already a dime a dozen in the Catalog, and it's only the beginning - Palm opened the flood gates at CES 2010, allowing any and all developers to submit their wares on Palm's virtual shelves. Feeds ($4.99) by Delicious Morsel of Twee fame is a fully featured RSS reader that integrates into your Google Reader account. Feeds offers functionality that others don't such as the ability to download articles for reading when you're without connectivity, but do these features justify the rather steep asking price?


Android Review: Smartphone Round Robin 55

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 19 Jan 2010 11:04 pm EST

Stop me if you've heard this before: Smartphone OS available on a variety of carriers in an ever-increasing array of devices, with powerful but difficult-to-manage multitasking, a user interface that can be a little cluttered and confusing yet is highly customizable, integration with the company's own email solution that's second-to-none, and apps that lack polish but get the job done.

Despite what you're thinking, I'm talking about Android and not Windows Mobile here. Both are facing similar issues but have similar appeal, though. Read on for the Smartphone Round Robin review of Android from PreCentral.net!


Review: Mark/Space's The Missing Sync 41

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 18 Jan 2010 4:55 pm EST

There will continue to be a market for desktop sync software, even in the days of mobile cloud computing that are being ushered in by likes of Palm and webOS.

Count me in.  Call me paranoid, but I still use a desktop mail client on a day to day basis, primarily for archival purposes. Sure, Google and Palm both have massive server farms, and much of my important PIM data is backed up into the cloud automatically every night. The thing is, I really like having an offline backup of everything, because as we’ve seen in the last few months, some of the big players in cloud computing aren’t exactly impervious to losing our data.  And it's not like everyone want's all of their PIM data in the cloud. 

Mark/Space’s The Missing Sync is one such program that caters to the “I’d like to sync to my desktop” crowd, allowing for the synchronization of your contacts and calendars to various desktop mail clients on both the Pre and the Pixi, in addition to media like music, videos, and more. 


Review: Incipio Leather Hipster Pouch 19

by Derek Kessler Sat, 16 Jan 2010 5:05 pm EST

Incipio Leather Hipster Case

The Incipio Leather Hipster Pouch for Palm Pre is a tank of a leather case. I don’t mean that in just that it will protect your Pre well against daily threats, it’s actually also notably heavy in comparison to some other cases, including the identically designed Incipio Sports Holster. The stitched leather case was designed specifically with the Pre in mind, so you can count on it to provide a good fit without being too tight or too loose.


Scrabble and Monopoly: A webOS/PalmOS Shootout 35

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Fri, 15 Jan 2010 2:21 pm EST

Among the new 3D games for the Palm Pre that hit the App Catalog last week were two old favorites from my PalmOS days: Monopoly and Scrabble. Having spent countless hours playing Handmark Monopoly and Niggle (the freeware game that evolved into Handmark's Scrabble, which I installed for this test), including currently via Classic, thought it would be fun to compare the webOS versions to their PalmOS predecessors. My take? It's a split decision.


Android Hands-on: Smartphone Round Robin 55

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 14 Jan 2010 2:56 pm EST

Today's special catch-up edition of the Smartphone Round Robin here at PreCentral.net has us looking at the Android platform. I've started up a thread with a few relevant questions over at the Android forums at Android Central. If you're interested, I sure could use the help thinking about the platform and, yes, every day you post over there is another chance to win an Android phone of your choice.

PreCentral peeps: Matthew Miller of Nokia Experts is taking a look at webOS this week. If you haven't, go on over to this thread and have a chat with Matthew about your platform-of-choice. There's a Palm phone in the offing there too and by the time the contest ends, the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus will definitely be on the table!

My video hands-on with Android after the break!


BlackBerry Review: Smartphone Round Robin 24

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 14 Jan 2010 12:01 pm EST

RIM's approach to the BlackBerry platform is diametrically opposed to Palm's strategy with webOS: instead of Palm's complete overhaul, RIM has opted for continuous and relentless incremental upgrades year after year. In my third year looking at the BlackBerry platform my basic thought is this: what we have here are better BlackBerrys. Whether or not that's enough to sway a webOS user depends entirely on what you think of the platform.

To see what I think of the platform this year (along with an extended aside about a certain BlackBerry-only feature), read on!

(I'm (very) late with my BlackBerry Review, but that's the way of the Smartphone Round Robin and I have to appeal to some post-CES illness. Apologies all around!)


Review: TimeBits 8

by Robert Werlinger Thu, 14 Jan 2010 11:02 am EST

I'm always on the search for tools that will help me to better manage my time, as effective time management is critical to being as productive as possible throughout the day. The use of a superphone smartphone helps to aid in this task and it makes sense - it's the one device you keep with you nearly 24/7, and its usually the one screen that you check more often than any other.

We took a look at the TimeTracker time management application last year in our App Spotlight series, and were thoroughly impressed with how easy it made managing tasks and projects, how it presented the tracked data, and how easy exporting that data for use in spreadsheet programs was. TimeBits ($3.99 in the App Catalog) has been on my radar for awhile now, so it made sense to delve into the other time management/tracking application currently available to webOS to see how it compares to one of our favorites. 



X-Plane: New Heights in webOS 3D Gaming 26

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Fri, 08 Jan 2010 5:52 pm EST

During the launch of (official) 3D gaming for webOS at the Palm CES presentation, the games that got the most attention (and live demos) were Need for Speed Shift and The Sims 3 from EA Mobile. Among the new games, though, was another title which while less well known to most consumers is revolutionary in its own right: X-Plane ($9.99), by Laminar Research. (You can see the full description of X-Plane in PreCentral's new App Catalog Gallery here.) For avid or even casual flight simulation fans, X-Plane for webOS is the real deal.


Forum Review: Need For Speed Undercover 73

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 08 Jan 2010 5:12 pm EST

We're still roaming the show floor, hunting down what webOS news we can find - meanwhile our forums are afire with talk of the new 3D apps. This app review is brought to you by forum member FiXXXerX.  

So here we are, hours after the CES Press conference with a series of new apps that have been released by some fairly high profile companies, a first for WebOS and a much needed boost to the App Catalog. Today I will be reviewing Need For Speed - Undercover. In case you've been living under a rock that has been hidden in a cave for the past decade you most likely know what Need For Speed is, however, for those of you that have only recently emerged I'll give you an overview of what your looking at here. The Need For Speed (Or NFS for short) franchise from Electronic Arts is all about taking a stock production car and personalizing it per your taste and then driving it... fast. This personalization includes performance tweaks and visual modifications and then going out and establishing yourself as a dominant racer in a number of different scenarios. The game we're looking at today has you going Undercover (As the title suggests) and racing against all sorts of nasty-for-no-reason thugs who apparently spend a majority of their time street racing... in fact, just imagine Fast and The Furious with less plot and your in the right zone, so lets get into it...