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"Roadrunner HD" and webOS 2.0 pop up in logs, this time with 640x960

by Derek Kessler Fri, 20 Aug 2010 9:36 am EDT

Roadrunner HD

It’s happened again folks, another Metrix developer log sighting of the infamous webOS 2.0-running Roadrunner, this time packing an “HD” suffix. What, pray tell, does HD mean in this case? It means an iPhone 4-matching 640x960 resolution, or at least that’s what was reported back to the logs.

This time the developer was Killin’ It, and the app was the relatively popular game Cloud Hopper, As before, it’s entirely possible that somebody has performed some malevolent trickery to make this happen, but unlike the Roadrunner spotting in Foursquare’s Metrix logs, this one wouldn’t be quite so easy. Cloud Hopper’s source code has not been made publicly available like Foursquare’s, which means any charlatan attempting to pull the digital wool over our eyes would likely have to perform some pretty tricky modifications to the webOS emulator to get it to spit out Roadrunner HD as the device, webOS 2.0 as the OS, and the heretofore unseen 640x960 as the display resolution.

Check out the charts for yourself after the break, with the usual caveat of "we can't verify this for ourselves, so take a healthy dosing of salt alongside."

Source: Killin' It LLC on Twitter

Roadrunner HD charts