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Rockus Sound Machine
by alffanclub on 12/16/2010 | ; Tags: - none - | 8 comments

English-Only. **Added "Seashore" sound** This noise maker app is great for helping you or your baby sleep, or just filling in as background noise. The Rockus Sound Machine comes with 21 sounds that can be set to play indefinitely or stop playing at the completion of a timer. Audio plays even with vibrate rocker set to on, and enabling "Airplane Mode" ensures no interruption. Sounds available are:

Airplane Interior, Applause, Cars Driving, Chimes, Crickets, Fan, Fire,
Frogs, Lapping Waves, Ocean Waves, Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Rainforest, Seashore, Static, Storm, Stream, Vacuum, Waterfall, Whale Song, Wind Storm. --- If you see problems or just wish to comment, email support@rockus-studios.com