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Roger McNamee is our Hero

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 27 Jan 2009 5:21 pm EST

Ignore interviewer Kara Swisher (if you can), because otherwise the above video of Roger McNamee at CES is good fun for those of us anticipating the Pre.  Unlike his previous appearance, McNamee doesn't drop any significant new features, but he does throw a few zingers out there.  He points out that he thinks the Pre will be popular with a female because it "doesn't insult yout intelligence," that it's not a desktop OS crammed into a Smartphone's body (et tu, Windows Mobile?), and one last interesting bit: he believes that porting applications from both the iPhone and Android over to the Pre should be pretty easy.

More investors like this, please, because that Bono guy hasn't done bupkiss for the Pre.