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It's time we made the rounds again - this week we're opening the kimono (metaphorically, thank god) and showing you which apps your PreCentral.net editors use every day. After the break, take a gander at what we're using every day and be sure to tell us what you're using in the comments.

Top 5, averaged:

1. Preware
2. Tweed
3. Crosswords
4. Gdial Pro
5. Scoop


Derek Kessler

10. Paratrooper, $1.99: Parachute your troops to safety, but look out for obstacles below.
9. Go To Tool, $7.49: Log a location (e.g. where you parked your car) and easily navigate back there.
8. Facebook, Free: Read about and comment on your friends’ activities.
7. The Weather Channel, Free: Get the latest forecasts and weather radar.
6. Scoop, $0.99: Check up on all your Google Reader RSS feeds
5. TopStocks, $2.86: Check the markets and integrate with Google Finance portfolios.
4. Need For Speed Undercover, $9.99: Outrun the cops and fellow racers in this 3D racing game.
3. GeoStrings, $2.99: Set location-based alarms.
2. Preware, Free: Get patches, themes, homebrew apps, web distribution apps and more.
1. Tweed, $2.99: Twitter client with picture integration and notifications.

Jonathan Ezor

10. Classic by MotionApps, $29.99, PalmOS emulator for legacy apps which supports HotSync and WiFi connections.
9. pReader by Jappus, currently free (homebrew), ever-improving eBook reader that supports Secure eReader among other formats.
8. Kosher2Go by Rockettouch, free, GPS-enabled search of Shamash.org kosher restaurant database.
7. DungeonQuest by Moblyng, free, repetitious but still-fun medieval-themed roleplaying game.
6. Scrabble by EA Mobile, $6.99, faithful 3D version of classic boardgame.
5. Timepiece by ZeroPointSoftware, $1.99, full-featured alarm clock with innovative wake-to-Pandora integration.
4. PocketMirror for Microsoft Outlook by Chapura, $39.95 for desktop component, 2-way WiFi sync of memos, tasks, calendar and contacts between Pre and Outlook.
3. Twee by Delicious Morsel, $2.99, Twitter client with multi-account support, notifications and other features in clean interface.
2. webOS Quick Install by Canuck Software, free, desktop application for app and patch install and advanced device management
1. Preware by webOS Internals, free, on-device app and patch installation and management


Dieter Bohn

10. Flixter, Free. Best Movie app, set it to Rotten Tomatoes ratings.
9. Let's Golf, $5.99. Completely addicting golf game.
8. Engadget, Free. Quality stuff.
7. Fliq Suite, Free. Notes, ToDo, Bookmarks.
6. drPodder, Free. Best podcast app, bar none.
5. Scoop, $.99. Google Reader client
4. Gdial Pro, Free. Favorite Google Voice client
3. Tweed, $2,99. Favorite twitter client
2. Crosswords, $9.99. Great crosswords apps
1. Preware, Free. Homebrew, patches, more!


Rob Werlinger

10. Tweed, $2.99. A fully featured twitter app that allowing for multiple accounts, retweets and more.
9. Scoop, $0.99. A lightweight RSS reader that integrates into your Google Reader account.
8. New York Times, free. Access to the latest from the New York Times newspaper.
7. Foursquare, free. Foursquare is what you get when Yelp and Google Latitude have a baby – “check-in” to venues to become the mayor, and out your friends as the mayor of places they frequent.
6. Preware, free. Provides easy access to Patches, Linux Apps, App Catalog apps and more.
5. DrPodder, free. A robust, homebrew only podcast catcher and player.
4. AccuWeather, free. See the current conditions in this free, ad-supported weather app.
3. Pandora, free. The streaming internet radio program you know and love, now with 100% more multitasking.
2. Crosswords, $9.99. Crosswords app with a great interface that downloads puzzles from a multitude of publications, including the New York Times.
1. Gdial Pro, Free. Allows for the (almost) seamless integration of your webOS device and Google Voice.

That's us. How about you?