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Roundup: 1 year anniversary

by Adam Marks Tue, 21 Jun 2011 9:03 pm EDT

Exactly one year ago today (June 22, 2010), we introduced our PreCentral Tip of the Day and since then we have posted 217 Tips and Tip Roundups.  To celebrate this special anniversary, we thought that we would take a brief look back at the last year and review a number of posted tips.

Our first tip took at look at how to move icons around your launcher pages and to/from your quick launcher bar, which was immediately followed up with a tip on why you should banish your phone icon from the quick launch bar. However, with the release of webOS 2.0 last Fall, there is also an updated version of this tip for users on webOS 2.x.

Many of our tips were written up because the same questions were asked multiple times in our forums, some seemingly on a daily or weekly basis. Many of these are simple things, but not always intuitive. These include tips such as how to take a snapshot of your screen, save a picture from the web, delete an application or launcher icon, highlight text, and copy/paste, just to name a few.

We have also had some series of tips to expand on a single topic in great detail. Starting with tips on using the Gesture Area and the various gestures to navigate webOS, we also did a thorough review of Universal Search. Of course, once Universal Search was replaced with Just Type in webOS 2.0 we needed to revisit these tips to show how to do things such as add, remove or reorder items in Just Type, perform website searches or even change your default browser search engine. Other series of tip included a examination of the Facebook App and various Homebrew-related tips from backing up your application data/settings with the Save/Restore App, customizing the look of your device by modifying your lock screen, the flashing logo boot animation or even the background in Exhibition's Time mode.

We even did a roundtable of sorts where each of our writers and editors choose their top tips to share with our readers. Check out the staff picks from Rizwan Parvez, Mark Jensen, Mahootzki, Derek Kessler, Adam Marks and (former editor-in-chief) Dieter Bohn to see their favorites!

As the author of all 217 of these tips, there were also a bunch of things that I learned along the way from our readers and forum members. Here are just a few of those that I was excited to learn about.  Some of those include moving between fields using the keyboard, sending an address to your GPS TeleNav software, export all your contacts (plus a great homebrew solution), accessing graphical smiley faces in the Messaging App [webOS 2.1], and how to hot swap your battery.

Finally, the tip that may have sparked the most conversation over the past year was our April Fool's tip on How to find the keyboard. So, take a look at all our of 217 tips at and feel free to submit your own at tip at!

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