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webOS Nation Tip of the DayThis week marked our 2 year anniversary of writing a daily webOS Tip for our then-PreCentral.net and now-webOSNation.com readers. Despite a roller coaster of a year since our last anniversary, which saw the release of the TouchPad and TouchPad Go, the release of the Pre3 and then the subsequent cancellation of the Pre3 after former-CEO Leo Apotheker decided to shut down the webOS Hardware decision, and then all that waiting until we learned about Open webOS (due out later this year), we have continued to bring our faithful readers tips to getting the most out of their webOS experience. While we have scaled the tips back from every day to just three times a week, we have also expanded them to include some functionality in our favorite apps that the average user may not even be aware of. 

To mark this anniversary, we would like to bring you some of our favorite and most used tips from the last year.  Continue after the break for that extensive list of tips

  • Bypass Activation [webOS 1.x & webOS 2.x]
    • An active wireless network is required to activate any webOS phone, so any extra (or developer) phones you may have would just be an expensive paper weight if there were no way to bypass that activation process. Instead, you can bypass that activation process, log on to a Wi-Fi network to get data on the device, and even use some homebrew tools to activate a profile on the device to get App Catalog access
    • Note that different steps are required for webOS 1.x and webOS 2.x
  • Add Promo Codes to Just Type [webOS 2.1+]
  • Export Text Assist learned words and shortcuts [webOS 2.x] (homebrew)
    • Text Assist was a great addition to webOS 2.0, but the fact that your custom dictionaries did not get backed up to your Palm Profile could be a real hassle. This Homebrew tip showed you a way to export your saved dictionaries and manually load them back in after a webOS Doctor or device swap.
  • Delete Multiple Emails [webOS 3.0]
    • Finally!
  • Save Email Attachment [webOS 2.2+ & webOS 3.0]
    • An easy way to save any attachment you received via email without needing any homebrew workarounds
  • Transfer Angry Birds progress between webOS Phones, the Touchpad or Android (homebrew)
    • First we had Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio on webOS phones and then with the release of the TouchPad we now had HD versions of these games. While you could not simply transfer your game progress from the phone to TouchPad, it appeared as if you would have to start over. Fear not, as some simple folder name edits and the Save/Restore app, you could quickly transfer all your progress to/from the Touchpad. Then, when Android CM7 and CM9 become available for your TouchPads, many of you may have installed Angry Birds there (or on Android phones that you may have migrated to), but once again feared that you would need to start all over again. Luckily, you can do some homebrew/rooting magic to transfer your progress from webOS to Android as well!
  • Edit TouchPad Launcher pages (homebrew)
  • Tricks for using Cards
  • Minimize Bluetooth audio stutter [webOS 2.2]
    • While the ability to pair your webOS phone and TouchPad to share phone calls and SMS messages in webOS 2.2 was a great feature, it also seemed to cause some audio stuttering when streaming over BlueTooth. But turning off the "auto connect" pairing feature, this stuttering is reduced to a point that is much more manageable.
  • Set Internalz Pro as your default Text Editor
    • Want to be able to easily edit local text files on your webOS device, then install Internalz Pro and set it as your default text application
  • Setup Save/Restore for automatic backups (homebrew)
    • Save/Restore is an amazing app that will let you backup the settings, data or game progress of your favorite apps on all your webOS devices (providing that your apps are supported in the app), but that only helped if you remember to manually run a backup within the save/restore app. Now, you can just set it to automatically backup every day without any manual intervention. There are only two caveats to this, as you will still need to manually update you "Saved Package List" in Preware, and any time you install a new app, you first need to manually run a backup for that app within Save/Restore once before it will run in the auto backup
  • Clean up "undefined" calendar entries with AgendaZ 
    • There is a nasty bug that causes phantom events to be created on your webOS calendar but they are tied to an "undefined" synergy account so there is no way to quickly delete them all. Luckily, you can use MetaViewSoft's AgendaZ homebrew app and it will clean up these events for you
  • View all your purchased apps with Impostah (homebrew) \
    • Want to know what apps you have purchased on your webOS Accont? Just fire up Impostah and you can review the history of all your purchased apps!
  • Turn off the screen while on Touchstone [webOS 2.x]
    • When the Pre was released on June 6, 2009, people immediately fell in love with the Touchstone wireless charging dock. Unfortunately, with webOS 1.0.1 (and all the way though to 1.4.5) there was no way to turn the screen completely off while on the touchstone. Luckily, webOS 2.0 changed that, now allowing you to turn off the screen. That is, until a notification popped up to turn the screen back on. To keep the screen off, you just need to change some Screen & Lock settings, as we discussed in a followup tip.
  • How to turn on your webOS device
    • Gotta love April Fools Day!

So, what were your favorite tips from the last year? If you have any good suggestions for the next year, feel free to contact us and suggest it

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