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Roundup - Calendar app

by Adam Marks Fri, 07 Jan 2011 11:20 am EST

For today's Tip Roundup, we will focus on the Calendar app in webOS. While there are some features that are sorely missed from the old PalmOS calendar (Agenda view or calendar search, anyone?), the webOS calendar can be a pretty powerful app. With Synergy, you can easily combine calendars from accounts such as Google (which supports multiple calendars), Facebook, Exchange, Yahoo and others on a single screen and even move calendar entries between accounts. For a handful of tips to help you more easily work with the calendar, keep reading after the break

  • Jump to a specific day in the calendar
    • Quickly jump to a specific day on your calendar or simply return to today
  • Delete a calendar event
    • Any guess what this tip is about?
  • Set Calendar View Options
    • Determine which calendars are shown by default in the calendar, or allow you to focus on only one specific calendar
  • Move calendar entries between accounts
    • Did you create a calendar entry on your Palm Profile but want to move it to your Google Calendar? Or want to move it between your various Google calendars? This shows how to do just that
  • Map a Calendar event location
    • If you have a Location included within your calendar event, you can quickly map the location or bring up driving directions within Google Maps or your carrier specific Telenav app.
  • Calendar: Agenda view and Search (Homebrew)
    • As mentioned above, an at-a-glance Agenda view and search within your calendar are missing from the stock calendar app. Luckily, homebrew developer Haeffb created the Agenda app that provides up to a 31-day list view of all your appointments and also includes search within the app by just typing on the keyboard.
    • Note that this Agenda only works in webOS 1.4.5 and under, and does not work in webOS 2.0
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