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Roundup: Email app

by Adam Marks Fri, 17 Dec 2010 3:38 pm EST

Email Folders With over 25 existing tips that reference some aspect of the Email app, there are lots of great tidbits of information that will help you navigate and use the Email app on your webOS device. From searching for an email, to discarding a draft, to saving a video from your email, you can access all those email-related tips by clicking here. To review some of the top-rated and most useful email-related tips, continue reading after the break.

  • Moving Emails to different Folders
    • Move an email message to an already existing folder in your email account
  • Highlight / Select text
    • Learn how to highlight / select text in order to be able to copy/paste information from an email message to another area on your device. This explains how to highlight both editable text and non-editable text
  • Send an email to a CC or BCC recipient
    • Send an email to someone as a CC or a BCC recipient, instead of including them on the TO line of the email
  • Email search
    • Search for a specific email on your device. You can only search within a specific folder, and based only on the sender's name or the email subject.
  • Reordering email accounts
    • With Synergy, you can add up to 16 different email accounts to the Email app. Once added, this shows you have you can rearrange the order that those accounts show up in the main Folder listing.
  • Sorting your Email
    • Sort your email messages by date, sender, or subject.
  • Discarding an email draft
    • Once you start writing a new or reply message, most people would like that simply swiping away the card would discard it. However, that actually saves the message as a draft. This shows you how to completely discard the message if you do not want it anymore
  • Save an mp3, video, or other non-supported file from an email (Homebrew required)
    • Saving a photo from an email is pretty straightforward, and saving an emailed document or spreadsheet happens once you load up the document/pdf viewer. However, there is no built-in way to save "non-supported" file types, like videos and music. With a little homebrew work-around, you can save these file types also.

Got any other great Email app tips, not already included above or in our vast collection of email-related tips?

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