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Roundup: Facebook App

by Adam Marks Thu, 23 Dec 2010 2:02 pm EST

With yesterday's release of the Facebook 1.5 for webOS app, we are dedicating this Tip Roundup to all things-Facebook. While many of the past tips reference earlier versions of the Facebook App (or possibly the Beta App) and some of the screenshots may be slightly out-of-date, all of the concepts and functionality are still valid. However, while some tips recommend downloading the Beta app to get increased functionality, that is not currently valid for version 1.5. According to the announcement on Facebook® for HP page:

This official release features enhancements that are not yet available in the beta release. We recommend that users who have the beta release installed first close that app, delete it, then install the official 1.5 release by visiting

So, without further ado, to get all of our Facebook-related tips continue reading after the break

  • Installing and setting up the Facebook Beta app
    • Learn how to install the Facebook Beta app, as well as setup your preferences for either the regular or beta app
  • Facebook App: The top bar
    • The Top bar is your main source of navigating the Facebook App, from accessing your Facebook notifications to quickly jumping to anywhere within the app
  • Facebook App: Navigating the sections
    • Learn all about the different areas of the Facebook app, along with the Meta-tap shortcut keys to access those areas
  • Facebook App: Managing your news feed
    • The News Feed section of the Facebook app is essentially your homescreen. This gives you access to your feed (with the option to filter your feed), along with the ability to update your current Status or upload a picture to Facebook.
    • One thing not included in this tip is the new inclusion of "Facebook Places", which is now available by tapping the  icon on the top-right of the screen.
  • Facebook App: Uploading and tagging photos
    • As the title states, learn how to upload photos to Facebook and tag your friends on the photo.
  • Facebook App: Open in new card
    • With the release of version 1.4 of the Facebook App, you can now open multiple instances of the app as multiple cards, to help organize your browsing experience.
  • Facebook App: Getting support
    • Some great reference data in case you have issues installing or using the App. Also includes instructions on how to get direct access to the full Facebook site within the webOS browser, instead of the "lite" facebook mobile site
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