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2011 was quite a roller coaster for webOS and it's fair to say that there was never a dull moment for our community. We had just had webOS 2.0 and the Pre2 released at the end of 2010 and had an early announcement of webOS 3.0 and the TouchPad (not to mention the Veer and Pre3) at the Think Beyond event in February. As a result, our Precentral.net / webOS Nation Tip of the Day team (i.e. me!) had a lot to write up throughout the year to make sure the webOS community was using their devices to the highest potential possible. We even celebrated our 1-year anniversary back in June (and hope to celebrate many more in the future). So, as we close out 2011, we wanted to look back at some of our favorite and most used tips of the year.

  • Turn off the screen while on Touchstone [webOS 2.x]
    • When the Pre was released on June 6, 2009, people immediately fell in love with the Touchstone wireless charging dock. Unfortunately, with webOS 1.0.1 (and all the way though to 1.4.5) there was no way to turn the screen completely off while on the touchstone. Luckily, webOS 2.0 changed that, now allowing you to turn off the screen. That is, until a notification popped up to turn the screen back on. To keep the screen off, you just need to change some Screen & Lock settings, as we discussed in a followup tip.
  • Add / Manage Synergy Accounts [webos 2.x]
    • While Synergy in webOS was (and some may say still is) ahead of its time and the best way to manage all your various online accounts on a mobile device, managing your accounts in webOS 1.x was not an easy task since there was no centralized way to see what you did or did not have loaded on your device. webOS 2.0 changes that with a new Accounts app to easily add, change or remove what accounts you had on the device.
  • Logging into a Public Captive Wi-Fi Network [webOS 2.x+]
    • Often times, logging into a public Wi-Fi network requires an extra step to accept the terms and conditions of their network before it would start transmitting any data. Instead of immediately turning off you cellular network when you log into a public Wi-Fi network, webOS 2.0 recognized a "public captive network" and required you to take action before switching over to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Bypass Activation [webOS 1.x & webOS 2.x]
    • An active wireless network is required to activate any webOS phone, so any extra (or developer) phones you may have would just be an expensive paper weight if there were no way to bypass that activation process. Instead, you can bypass that activation process, log on to a Wi-Fi network to get data on the device, and even use some homebrew tools to activate a profile on the device to get App Catalog access
    • Note that different steps required for webOS 1.x and webOS 2.x
  • Add Promo Codes to Just Type [webOS 2.1+]
  • How to find the keyboard
    • A fun April Fools Day tip, and finally an excuse to add "phaser" as a tag to one of our articles
  • Improve Google Calendar sync by setting it up as a Microsoft Exchange account
    • While some people have never had any issues with Google sync on their webOS devices, there are plenty of people who have. This tip allows you to set up your Google Calendar as an Exchange account to improve the sync process. It also was our most cross-platform tip, and it documented a way to use a tip from a Windows Phone developer to spoof an iOS user agent on an Android browser that was loaded webOS TouchPad. Crazy!
  • Export Text Assist learned words and shortcuts [webOS 2.x] (homebrew)
    • Text Assist was a great addition to webOS 2.0, but the fact that your custom dictionaries did not get backed up to your Palm Profile could be a real hassle. This Homebrew tip showed you a way to export your saved dictionaries and manually load them back in after a webOS Doctor or device swap.
  • Transfer Angry Birds progress from Phone to Touchpad (homebrew)
    • With the release of the TouchPad, we now had situations where the "same" app would be released with a different App ID and a different resolution (technically, we had this situation with the Pre and the Pixi/Veer, too). This meant that you could not easily transfer your data from your phone to the TouchPad, so all those three-star levels you had on Angry Birds were now gone. However, with some simple folder name edits and the Save/Restore app, you could quickly transfer all your progress to/from the Touchpad
  • Delete Multiple Emails [webOS 3.0]
    • Finally!
  • Save Email Attachment [webOS 2.2+ & webOS 3.0]
    • An easy way to save any attachment you received via email without needing any homebrew workarounds
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So, what were your favorite tips of 2011? If you have any good suggestions for 2012, feel free to contact us and suggest it

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