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Roundup: Keyboard Shortcuts

by Adam Marks Fri, 19 Nov 2010 2:35 pm EST

Pre Keyboard In this edition of PreCentral's Tip Roundup, we focus on some keyboard shortcuts or keyboard combinations that are available as a result of the presence of a physical keyboard on all current webOS devices. For a complete list of published Keyboard Shortcut tips, click here. For a summary of the top tips, keep reading:

  • Shift + Backspace
    • Provides the ability to delete an entire word instead of just a single character
  • Shift + Enter
    • Tabs between fields on a variety of stock and 3rd-party webOS Apps (but sadly, not in the browser)
  • Meta-tap (Gesture tap)
    • Press-and-holding the Gesture Area and then tapping on a keyboard key or an area of the screen to initiate a specific action (e.g. Copy/Paste)
  • How to take a screen shot
    • Self-explantory!
  • Accessing the USB Drive
    • Quick keyboard combination to activate the USB Drive mode, especially useful if your touchscreen is broken or unresponsive

Got any other great keyboard shortcuts or combinations not already covered by a PreCentral Tip?

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