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Roundup: Pre3 specific tips

by Adam Marks Mon, 26 Mar 2012 5:24 pm EDT

webOS Nation Tip of the DayAlthough the Pre3 was officially released in Europe for just a few days, there are plenty of devices that have made it way into the hands of members of the webOS Nation. The Pre3 represented a departure from previous phones in the Pre3 line in terms of physical size, screen resolution, camera, hardware and even software. As a result, here is a roundup of some Pre3 specific tips that will help you get the most out of your phone.

  • Prevent Bluetooth audio stutter
    • When webOS 2.2 on the Pre3 introduced the ability to forward text messages and phone calls from your phone to the TouchPad, it also causes an annoyance whenever you are trying to listen to audio over a Bluetooth connection and the phone tries to auto-connect with the TouchPad. To fix this Bluetooth stutter, you need to temporarily adjust your Bluetooth settings to prevent the phone from auto connecting
  • Fit a Mojo app to the entire Pre3 screen
    • While some mojo app developers may not have adjusted their apps to completely fit the screen resolution of the Pre3, you can manually make the adjustment yourself with some pretty novice homebrew knowledge
  • Set focus area on the Pre3 camera
    • Finally, a webOS phone with an auto-focus camera!
  • Change system images on Pre3
    • Want to personalize some of the system image files on the device, such as the padlock icon, exhibition background screen or boot logo? Make sure you know how that the Pre3 may require some slight tweaks to the process as compared to earlier webOS devices
  • Get HSPA+ "4G" speeds on your AT&T Pre3
    • If your AT&T branded Pre3 is not getting the "4G" HSPA+ speeds that you are expecting, it could be that your AT&T account or the IMEI of the Pre3 is not set up properly in AT&T systems. Just follow these directions to get the full FauxG speeds available to you
  • Touch to Share
    • Got a Pre3 and a TouchPad? Now you can send website URLs from one device to another just by touching the two devices together
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