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Roundup: Staff Picks - Adam Marks

by Adam Marks Tue, 01 Feb 2011 11:32 am EST

In this penultimate edition of the Staff Picks for our Tips of the Day, your esteemed Tips author Adam Marks gets his shot to pick his favorites. After writing up over 130 tips, this was actually quite a harder task that I anticipated it would be. I tried to focus on those tips that answer the questions I hear a lot in the forums (e.g. Is it possible to save a picture from a website?), were tips that I use very often, or were tips that I learned while writing up these tips. My first pass consisted of 20 tips, which was way too much. I was able to narrow it down quite a bit, but still "cheated" quite a bit by including some honorable mentions. So, keep reading after the break to review my "Staff Picks."


Honorable Mentions

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