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Roundup: Staff Picks - Mahootzki

by Adam Marks Tue, 25 Jan 2011 4:27 pm EST

Next up for our PreCentral staff's favorite Tips, we have our Twitter-meister Mahootzki. We have a pretty eclectic mix of tips here, without an overall theme or pattern. But that’s ok, because all of these are tips that will enhance your webOS experience and make you a more efficient user.

  • Meta-tap (Gesture Area + tap) and Copy/Paste
    • The gesture area on webOS devices, combined with the physical keyboard, provides for quick access to a number of shortcuts for the user. This includes the ability to copy/cut/paste text, access different areas of apps, and will even provide an Undo function starting in webOS 2.0.
  • Know your gestures: Swipe Down
    • Swiping down from the top-left or -right corner of the screen will give you access to the Application and Connections drop-down menus, respectively. The application menu is specific to the app you are in and provides access to things like app preferences, copy/paste menus, and help. The Connections menu gives you quick access to things like your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or VPN (in webOS 2.0).
  • Setting Contact Reminder
    • Setting a reminder for a given contact that will appear any time you call, text or email a contact
  • Roundup: Universal Search
    • All you ever needed to know about using Universal Search, from finding contacts or apps, setting a contact reminder, loading up a webpage and more
  • Swipe to advance/rewind in a video
    • Advance 30 seconds or rewind 10 seconds while watching a video just by swiping across the screen
  • Take a screenshot
    • Take a screenshot…duh!
  • Add formatting to your email text
    • Add bold, underline, italics or color to the text of your email
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