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Roundup: Staff Picks - Mark Jensen

by Adam Marks Tue, 25 Jan 2011 12:35 pm EST

As we continue to review our PreCentral staff's favorites and most used tips, next up we have another one of the "newer" writers on PreCentral, Mark Jensen. Mark's tips tend to focus on ways to make searching or interacting for your information on webOS easier, as you can see below

  • Universal Search - Applications
    • Use Universal Search to quickly find an application (or web bookmark icon) from anywhere in the operating system. No need to open the launcher and manually search for the application
  • Searching for a contact using initials
    • When searching for a contact via Universal Search, within the email or messaging app, or really anywhere that you can search for a contact, using their first initial and last name is a much quicker way of identifying that specific person
  • Searching using wildcards
    • In addition to using initials to find contacts, you can also use a "%" as a wildcard if you do not know the exact spelling of a name or want to search for part of their name. So, a search for %bos would still find any reference to "webOS" (as well as "boston" or "hobos")
  • Making your web bookmark/launcher icon look good
  • Typing in List Selection fields
    • No need to scroll through a list of days or times to find the one you are looking, just type it out on the keyboard!
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