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Roundup: Staff Picks - Rizwan Parvez

by Adam Marks Mon, 24 Jan 2011 4:58 pm EST

After seven months and 135 webOS tips, it's safe to say that we have helped educate and inform the webOS community on how to get the most out of their Pre or Pixi phones. While we eagerly look to the future of webOS and the new devices that should be coming out soon, we wanted to look back and pick out some of the best or most used tips.  So, we asked the members of the PreCentral staff to pick out their favorites. Over the next few days, we will publish our Tip Round Staff Picks!

Our first Staff Pick comes to us from Rizwan Parvez, one of PreCentral's newest writiers and former Palm Real Reviewer. The majority of Riz's picks focus on quick shortcuts that make interacting with the phone quicker or easier. Keep reading after the break to see Riz's favorite tips:


  • Camera / Camcorder Shortcut Keys
    • Did you know that pressing the space bar will take a picture? Or how about press P and Q on the keyboard will switch between the Camcorder and Camera, respectively? Well, you do now!
  • Sorting your e-mail
    • Allows you to sort your email inbox (or any folder) by date, sender or subject.
  • Tab between fields using the keyboard
    • In most stock apps and some 3rd party apps, press Shift () and Enter () will tab you between fields on the screen. For example, you can tab between the "To" field, "Subject" and "Body" of an email with the keyboard. Sadly, this does not work in the browser!
  • Backing up your application data/settings with Save/Restore (Homebrew)
    • All you ever needed to know about backing up your phone, app and game settings/data using WebOS Internals' Save/Restore App.
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