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Jon Rubinstein

Jon Rubinstein, the leader of Palm, now a unit of HP (with Rubenstein serving as a Senior Vice President) is listed as number 41 in the 2010 Tech 100 list by T3.com. Last year Rubinstein was ranked at 17th, but due to the Pre not selling as well as had been expected, plus the fact that Palm barely stayed alive long enough to be snapped up by HP, meant that Rubinstein’s ranking suffered accordingly. That said, it doesn't mean that Mr. Rubinstein can't rebound next year. Palm is in position with HP to make waves in the technology world, with the PalmPad and new smartphones due early next year, plus webOS 2.0 and a variety of other devices on the way.

Rubenstein was ranked ahead of a number of well-known tech names, including Kevin Rose of Digg (#80), Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales (#59), Michael Dell (#54), and Apple designer Jonathan Ive (#50). There was also only one other HP employee on the list, CFO and interim CEO (at least until Léo Apotheker takes over on a more permanent basis) Catherine Lesjak at ninety-six on the roster. Unsurprisingly, the list was led by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, followed by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, with Google CEO Eric Schmidt sharing third-position with Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Source: T3.com