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Job Rubinstein Email

Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ short email responses to customer inquiries have both revealed both new information and a glimpse into the mindset of the head of one of the world’s most influential technology companies. But what of Jon Rubinstein, former Apple exec and current CEO of underdog Palm? Yeah, he’ll reply to random unsolicited email too, with a plethora of exclamation points to boot. But useful insights into Palm products or strategy? Nope, that’s not coming from Jon. As with his carefully calculated replies during financial conference calls, Rubinstein’s also coy in revealing anything new or exciting from his perch in Sunnyvale. Email!!!

[via: Gizmodo]

UPDATE: For all who are doubting Gizmodo's authenticity, we present a second email from Jon Rubinstein, this time to PreCentral reader SP. This email too, was about the above-emailed ad, and Rubinstein apparently thought it worth pointing out Palm's ad which clearly inspired the fan-made one (- SP lets us know he was referring to a different ad.) And he was sure to include plenty of exclamation points and a bit of non-capitalization. Though, for all we know, maybe he does go by "jon." Email after the break!!!

Jon Rubinstein Email