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Rumor: final tweaks to the Topaz slate

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 26 Jan 2011 12:21 pm EST

Clayton Morris is reporting he's heard more inside details on the upcoming tablets from HP. As we suspected, the specs we revealed earlier this week may not have been final - the major chances purportedly include a smaller battery to reduce the weight down to an iPad-competitive 1.5 pounds as well as a few overall design tweaks to "accommodate third party accessories." As we reported yesterday, the USPTO rejected the PalmPad trademark and Morris reports that HP is looking at other names and while they're calling it the "TouchPad" internally, the final name hasn't been decided on. In any case, they've apparently started building the devices in China already, giving more hope for a March release.

As suspected, HP is definitely interested in doing something in the music space (our money is still on Melodeo / nuTsie integration). Finally, the 7" Opal tablet has apparently been spotted running Sprint's EVDO (not WiMAX) network, and the education-specific version he'd previously reported on has been scrapped.

Source: Clayton Morris; Thanks to everybody who sent this in!