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Rumor: more tablet details emerge: Touchstone, size, features

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 19 Jan 2011 12:48 pm EST

Engadget claims to have more details on the 9" Topaz webOS tablet and the 7" Opal webOS tablet. Let's see what the latest rumors are, eh? Rumored Hardware specs:

  • Opal will measure 180 x 144 x 13 mm and have a 1024x768 WXGA resolution screen. It's still apparently slated for a September launch.
  • Topaz will measure 241 x 190 x 13 mm, with "identical pixel resolution*, which would work out to around 1316 x 936 at 1024x768, but we would prefer a bigger 1440 x 900 WSXGA on a larger tablet ourselves.
  • Both are purported to support some form of wireless charging via a Touchstone-style dock and premium audio via HP's now-favorite Beats tech. It's supposed to launch "3 months sooner" but we're still holding out that HP will stick to their "early 2011" hints.

Rumored software features come both via tipsters and a survey that seems to hint at HP's plans:

  • "tens of gigabytes" of cloud storage
  • As we previously guessed, HP may be using those gigabytes of cloud storage to store app states and saved documents to easily switch and share apps and games between devices.
  • Exhibition-style features that appear when docked
  • "Tap-to-share," a feature that lets you transfer files by bumping the devices together
  • Flash support (no surprise)
  • Confirmation of our guess that you will be able to forward calls and texts from phone to tablet
  • Cloud storage for music

Related but take it with a grain of salt: we've received and unverifiable but true-seeming tip that the tablets will feature tight Amazon integration - including unbox movies, music store, and, yes, Kindle. Perhaps Jon Rubinstein joining Amazon's board wasn't just a coincidence?

Excited yet?


Source: Engadget