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Rumor: Palm Pre 2 headed to Israel? (& some Hebrew/Judaica tips for webOS)

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Wed, 17 Nov 2010 1:47 pm EST

According to the Gadgety (Hebrew) tech blog, HP gave a press conference in Israel this week at where they teased that mobile operators have expressed interest in carrying the device. We'd be pleased to see Palm add Israel (where HP already maintains a laboratory facility, a Facebook account and a Twitter presence) to its near-future locations for webOS devices, which would make it more likely that official Hebrew support (currently lacking) will be added to the languages already built into webOS.

In addition to tipping us on the above, PreCentral reader Caesar also noted that he managed to import a Palm Pre 2 unlocked from the UK and get it up on the 2100 band in Israel. Three thoughts: First, props to you, Caesar. Second, others looking to take a Pre 2 across borders absolutely must know about the problem with geography-restrictions in the App Catalog (it's already burned PreCentral member morgmel, the only resolution seems to be a replacement Pre 2). Third, we have some info on installing Hebrew and Jewish texts on your webOS device now.

So, for the benefit of Caesar and any other webOS users who wish to access Hebrew Web sites and documents on their current Pres and Pixis, our forum members Chabsin and PalmPreacher have created a number of homebrew solutions, including instructions on replacing the Batang font with a Hebrew one, a Hebrew virtual keyboard, and a Hebrew Google Maps patch.

Once users have installed Hebrew, and have tested it by browsing PalmPreacher's Hebrew webOS blog, they may also be interested in Jewish texts. While the longstanding PalmOS Hebrew solution, Hebrew Lite from Penticon, is certified to (and does) work in MotionApps' Classic, the recent announcement that Classic would no longer work as of webOS 2.0 means that solution will soon go away. Happily, there is (once again) a webOS alternative, via's custom feed for Preware. Just follow the instructions to add the feed to Preware, and users will soon see the Jewish Books app available for direct installation. The app comes with some texts and documents pre-installed; to add additional texts to Jewish Books, users can download them directly from and store them (via USB mode or directly on their devices via Internalz) in the /media/internal/ directory (which is the / directory when viewed in USB mode).

As they say in Hebrew, we wish you hatzlacha rabbah (great success)!

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