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Rumor: webOS update to fix app install limit due soon

by Derek Kessler Tue, 13 Oct 2009 7:07 pm EDT

Sorry, Not Enough Memory Anybody who has read our articles on the way that Palm has chosen to limit app installation space has ended up shaking their heads. And it seems that some heads have been shaking at Palm as well, with multiple sources telling us that Palm not only is working on an update to fix the limit, but that the update is due in “a matter of weeks, not months.” Apparently the resolution is similar in nature to what the Fair Dinkum app managed and Palm is currently testing the update internally to ensure long-term stability.

Couple this with rumors we’ve been hearing that the “parity” update for European Pre phones will bring them up to webOS 1.3 and that it should happen in November (as in weeks away), hopefully this limitation will be gone in short order and we can start complaining about smaller issues instead.

You were about to note that we forgot to tell you to take rumors with a grain of salt, but ah! - we just did.