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Rumour: HSPA Pre and Pixie Coming to Telus?

by Jason Robitaille Thu, 08 Oct 2009 10:20 am EDT

It's been no secret Telus has been working on transitioning from their CDMA network to an HSPA one, as evidenced by the above SIM card.  Well, now there is a rumour floating around that Telus could be getting an HSPA Pre as early as January 2010, as well as the Pixi soon after.

Some will recall, back before it was announced that Bell had exclusivity with the Pre, there were also a few rumours that Telus was trying for the Pre as well.  Obviously we know how that ended: Bell won and got exclusively for a rumoured 6 month period.

Recently, MobileSyrup posted a their news roundup of the Pixi and noted it "is rumoured to be heading to TELUS for a Canadian launch in January 2010". And, recently Kronk86 of the MobileSyrup forums, someone who generally seems on the insider track when it comes to Telus, posted:

Hey Folks,
So i got word today that the Pre will be coming to TELUS (HSPA Style) soon as well as the EOS/Pixie (later this year).

Engadget posted the official photos/videos earlier today (right after i got word at work).

I am way more excited for the EOS then the Pre (even though the Pre will be HSPA on TELUS (which means WAY faster then the CDMA variant)

In addition, in another thread, Kronk86 plainly states:

Well since TELUS will be getting the HSPA Pre in Jan and the EOS at the same time, I'll let you all know then.

This is very welcomed news   Not only for people in provinces Bell doesn't sell to (like Manitoba or Saskatchewan) such as myself, but also as it could possibly be unlocked to worked in the USA. A January release is a little shy of 6 months, but is still pretty close and something to look forward to, if it's true.