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Run apps in full-screen Portrait mode

by Adam Marks Thu, 09 Jun 2011 2:21 pm EDT

While the Pre's 3.1" screen isn't as big as some of the larger phones on the market, losing a little bit of screen real estate for the top bar and the notification dashboard may be an annoyance but isn't always a huge deal. However, on the smaller screen of the Pixi or Veer, losing these two areas can represent a sizable portion of the screen. For any app that supports rotation via the accelerometer, you can usually turn the phone all the way upside down to switch to a "full screen" Portrait mode to take advantage of the entire area of the screen. In the screenshots below, you can see the web browser in the standard portrait orientation and the upside-down position. Unfortunately, if you need the keyboard, you will have to flip the phone around again, unless you know how to type upside-down!


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