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Runway and Instant Items Apps coming to Pre

by Derek Kessler Tue, 02 Jun 2009 12:22 pm EDT

Runway on the Palm Pre Mentioned last month in an article in Redmond Developer News was an application for the Palm Pre that we hadn’t seen before: Runway. Greg Stevenson, the developer of Runway, hadn’t planned on releasing any details of the application (or even acknowledging its existence) until the Pre was out, but the article threw a slight kind in his plans. So, he’s launched a new website to explain what Runway, and its companion application Instant Items, will do.

Runway is described on the website as a time and project management application. The article mentioned that Runway will be able to bring more online calendars to the Pre, but as Stevenson says on his website, “if Runway is just another time management application, then the Pre is just another mobile device.” And we all know that it’s more than just a phone and web browser.

Also coming from Stevenson is Instant Items, a phone-operation streamlining application. Apart from being able to access your contacts to dial numbers, it can also add items to your calendar and to-do lists. The website claims that it can do this “all in an extremely quick manner using a fraction of the keystrokes of traditional methods.”

Interesting, eh? Even working within the boundaries of the currently limited Mojo SDK, developers are coming up with some interesting application concepts.

Thanks to Mahootzki for the tip!