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Veer and Pre 3 coming to Germany with a QWERTZ keyboard?

by Nathan Mylott Sun, 13 Feb 2011 7:52 pm EST

WebOS phones may make a long awaited return to Germany this summer, as HP happened to publish their press released on the German site with one small change (besides, you know, all the umlauts): A QWERTZ keyboard instead of QWERTY. The Touchpad also showed up on HP’s German site along with the two new phones. The availability date is the same: this summer with no pricing information.

In the meantime, German webOS fans can of course get an unlocked Pre 2, but it's not available in QWERTZ. It had appeared at one point that a German Pre 2 release was coming but as of yet it has not happened. Why the country has been neglected until now is a bit of a mystery. There is certainly no dearth of webOS users there. There was no shortage of carrier support from O2 behind it. 

But back to sunshine - it's no surprise that the new webOS phones are hitting multiple countries, that's scale for you, baby.

Source: HP's German site Veer Pre 3 Touchpad; Via: Nexave forums; Thanks to Ingo Müller for the tip!