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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:53 pm EST
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It is very common to have to remember a number of passwords due to the complexities of modern technology. Safe Box provides an easy and organized method to store passwords and any other information that needs to be kept secured away; but with fast and convenient access directly on your phone. It has fully customizable text fields that can store a wide variety of details including passwords, credit cards, driver’s license, social security number, work information, clients’ details, etc. The app allows you to have multiple wallets with different passwords for those situations that require to separately store the details, such as having a wallet for personal use and a different one for work. All the stored information can be backed up and restored from the WebOS device itself, not even requiring the intervention of a computer.

The details screen is fully customizable, with the ability to drag and drop, swipe to delete and custom labels. Each wallet is stored in a single strong encrypted block for increased security. The app is optimized for fast and efficient usage; most tasks are just a tap away. It is also able to lock itself out when you put the phone in your pocket upside down or a certain period of inactivity as configured in the preferences.

* Winner of the 2010 Palm WebOS Hot Apps Contest.

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