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Samsung Captivate and Vibrant reviewed [Competition]

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 27 Jul 2010 5:10 pm EDT


webOS has a little more competition on AT&T these days now that big blue has finally seen fit to allow a world-class Android phone on their network: the Samsung Captivate. Over at Android Central you can not only get a Samsung Captivate Review but also another check out another Galaxy S class device, a Samsung Vibrant Review for T-Mobile.

We don't expect either to make a huge dent in webOS-land like the EVO 4G did, though we wouldn't be shocked if later on the Sprint Galaxy phone, the Epic 4G, does make another run at eroding the webOS fan base in from the traditional Palm stronghold network.

You know the saying: great artists steal. Anything from Samsung's new phones that you'd like to see land on webOS? The Super-AMOLED screen (or at least its 4" size)? The keyboard-less slab design? Some of that Android homescreen widget action?