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Samsung hires former HP PC exec, said to be eyeing webOS purchase

by Derek Kessler Mon, 29 Aug 2011 10:12 am EDT

In an effort to bolster their consumer PC business, Samsung has hired former HP Personal Systems Group marketing VP Raymond Wah. This comes as Samsung has denied rumors that they were considering making a purchase of HP’s maybe-to-be-spun-off PC business.

Instead, Samsung is looking to the future and to an arena where they’ve already had plenty of success: mobile. While Samsung has built a growing smartphone empire off Android (with a smattering of Windows Phone), their tablets haven’t exactly taken off. And with Microsoft shacking up with Nokia and Google buying Motorola, Samsung’s got to be looking for a way to differentiate themselves. And that’s where webOS comes in.

According to Digitimes (always a fun but questionable source), Samsung is giving consideration to purchasing – not licensing – webOS from HP. Samsung has been exploring their own OS for some time, and has achieved some success with their home-cooked Bada OS in Asia, but its traction elsewhere has been less than great. Could Samsung be a possible third home for webOS after Palm failed and HP gave up? Predictably, neither HP nor Samsung has offered comment on the issue.

Source: Digitimes; Via: The Next Web