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Save/Restore: 'holy grail of homebrew' nears 1.0

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 22 Apr 2010 11:20 am EDT


Since the next two days are dedicated to Palm's own development news, we figured today would be a good day for some updates on what's happening in the homebrew community. We just told you about Jason's (happy birthday!) webOS file manager app and service, now it's time for another project with wide appeal.

You know the drill: you replace your Pre or you find a need to run the webOS Doctor to wipe it clean and start from scratch, then you go through the motions of reinstalling all your apps. One problem: your saved data from many/most of those apps isn't backed up to Palm's servers. All that very important effort you've put into Let's Golf? Gone.

Enter Save/Restore, which allows you to save data from applications to storage on your Pre, from whence you can move that data to another device, back it up to your computer, and then restore it again. Save/Restore doesn't automatically save all the data from every app, rather support for each app needs to be built in manually. However the group has gone ahead and added support for many of the big, important apps. Webos Internals calls it the 'Holy Grail of homebrew' and while we might not go quite that far, it does sound pretty sweet!

If you're interested in helping with the testing, you'll need to do a little legwork to install Preware Alpha and the Save/Restore App - more info here and here, be sure to read about the bounty system for adding additional app support. Otherwise, sit tight, the good folks at Webos Internals and the crew of homebrewers doing additional testing are moving things along at a heady clip.