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Scan a QR code with QR offline Decoder

by Adam Marks Wed, 10 Apr 2013 6:33 pm EDT

QR offline decoderOver the last few years as smartphone adoption as grown, so has the proliferation of QR codes, those square pictures that kind of look like a barcode but are a lot more complex. These codes allow people to convert any text to a simple picture that can easily be saved by simply taking a quick picture of the code and using an app on your phone to decode it. These codes can contain a website address, the contents of an entire business card, simple text or more. While many smartphone operating systems have starting to incorporate QR decoding right into the OS, webOS never quite got there. Any while there are a few different QR decoding apps available on webOS, most of them require an internet connection to work. Most, but not all.

QR Offline Decoder, by Stefan Bühler, is available for all devices running webOS 2.1 or higher and does not require a data connection to work. Upon loading up QR Offline Decoder, you are presented with a photo area on top and then four buttons underneath it. Using these buttons, you can load in a QR code to the app by choosing an existing picture already downloaded on your device, taking a new picture with the camera, activating a live view of the camera to try and capture a code, or simply re-decoding the last picture loaded into the app.

Once the app translates the QR Code, the resulting text will be displayed below the buttons of the app and a new "Copy Result" will also be added to quickly copy the text to the clipboard to be pasted elsewhere on the device. Note that if you are taking a new picture, this obviously works best on a Pre3 with its autofocus camera, but it is still possible to get a clear enough image using the extended depth of field cameras on earlier webOS hardware. However, it may require a few tries before you get the app to recognize it

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