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WebOS Internals shows off wIRC and Lumberjack apps for the TouchPad

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Mon, 20 Jun 2011 11:21 pm EDT

Want to see more TouchPad apps before the tablet's release next month? The folks at WebOS Internals are ready to show them to you. wIRC is the webOS IRC app built by our homebrew friends at WebOS Internals, and it looks like HP has given their team a small lift of the Enyo NDA by allowing them to share some screenshots of the TouchPad version of the app. This is the very same app that broke barriers as being the first hybrid SDK/PDK app available last year, and is once again ahead of the game as the first Enyo app to be allowed by HP for public showing (unlike those others we found by accident).

Once you jump past the break you'll be able to see some screenshots of the app (as shown in an emulator). To be honest, it's looking pretty good already, with the same panels and navigation that we've seen in the TouchPad's email app, and a good clean look that's easy on the eyes, even though it's only said to be a "Work In Progress". Will there be anymore shine or features added before release? Not too sure yet, but you can bet we'll be reviewing this one when we can.

Oh, and don't forget that WebOS Internals does all of this work for free (plus it's all open source) and in their spare time. Even before wIRC is released into the public catalog to all devices or this version is made ready for the TouchPad, we think it's always a good idea to send a few bucks their way to pay for new devices and equipment. Head to their donation page to donate however much you can afford, it ensures that we get more updates for much-needed apps like these in the future.

There's another bonus after the break: Lumberjack for TouchPad (posted by @DontBlameOil) and Tweaks for TouchPad (posted by @therealsconix)  

Source: Ryan Hope (Twitter), Brandon VanBelle (Twitter)