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ScrollMotion bringing SmashWords eBooks to App Catalog

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 06 May 2011 5:16 pm EDT

While mostly an iOS App Development platform, ScrollMotion has reached an agreement with SmashWords, the Indie eBook distributor, to bring their 33,000 titles to not just iOS, but also webOS devices (and others, no doubt). The app will be coming sometime in the next several months (mid-May, at earliest) and will be compatible with both smartphones and tablets on most major platforms, so if you're a webOS user that loves Indie books, you have something nice to look forward to. 

You may know SmashWords as a retail partner for the current eBook App in the catalog, Kobo Books, which currently dominates eBook reading along with the spam-books that show up in droves every week. In the last 30 days alone, SmashWords has added nearly 5000 titles to their collection, and that number is expected to grow substantially over the next year. We aren't sure what the apps will look like or when they'll be released, exactly. But when we find out we'll let you know.

The eBook reader inside of us is excited for an alternative to the spam-like App Book Shop and others, but moreso because it brings us some unique Indie authors to our devices. Having a few choices is always a good thing in our books. 

Source: SmashWords PR via: AppModo