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'Scrubbing' in the music player

by Adam Marks Wed, 06 Oct 2010 12:27 pm EDT

When you are listening to music from within the stock webOS Music App, you will see 3 icons on the bottom of the page that represent rewind Music Rewind , pause Music Pause (or play), and fast forward Music Fast Forward . Tapping on these will rewind to the beginning of the current song (or move to the previous song if already at the beginning), switch between pausing and playing the current song, and moving to the next song, respectively. However, what happens if you want to move to a specific part of the song?

From the screen that shows the current song (and album cover), just tap on the song name and scrubber bar will appear. You can now just move the big circle to the position you want in the song, or you can press-and-hold the rewind or fast-forward buttons to scrub through the song. Note that you can also activate the scrubber bar by pressing-and-holding the rewind or fast-forward button, but that will also activate the scrubbing and jump you a few seconds ahead or behind in the song

Thanks to Williamiswilliam for suggesting this tip

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