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Contact Search - via initials Whenever you are searching for a contact within webOS, be it via Universal Search, within the Contact App, while addressing a new email or text message, or when on a Contact picker screen within an app, the easiest and fastest way to find that person is by using their initials. While you can search by using only the first or last name, your best method is by using the "First Initial + Last Name" method that has been around since PalmOS. So, in the screenshot to the right, you can see that you can find Jon Rubinstien by typing "jrubinstien" (actually, you do not need to type in the entire search term, just the first few characters).

Note: Contact Search will look through all the Linked Contacts for a given contact, not just the Primary Profile. So, if you have a contact that has a linked listing from Facebook, Google Contacts and your Palm Profile, webOS will look through the names listed for all 3 of those in the search, but will still only return the single linked contact. Some accounts like Facebook sometimes treat middle and last names a bit oddly which can affect your search results. Here is a good forum post on one way to combat this behavior.

Thanks to alexhaefner for suggesting this tip

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