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Second Veer commercial targets the youngins with Miranda Cosgrove [video]

by Derek Kessler Fri, 10 Jun 2011 10:46 am EDT

You might still be wondering who HP is targeting with the HP Veer. It's a tiny smartphone, and they've got guys like Manny Pacquiao promoting it during commercial breaks in shows like the MTV Movie Award and Discovery's Deception (among many other shows). But you know who else likes small phones? Small people. Namely, kids (and their parents). And what do kids watch? Nickelodeon, of course. And that's the channel where HP is running a second commercial for the Veer, and instead of a pint-sized boxer with a punch that'll knock your head clean off, HP's enlisted the talents of teen tv star and lead of the Nickelodeon hit iCarly, Miranda Cosgrove.

The commercial, which has aired during shows like iCarly and Spongebob Squarepants (seriously, not kidding), is structured in the same manner as the Pacquiao commercial: Cosgrove holds the Veer in front of her face and shows off some features. In this ad we see AT&T Navigator, Messaging (subtly combining both SMS and AIM), and the web browser, before Cosgrove's face pops in and she switches to a video of her manic dog. She then speaks, seemingly both of the dog in the video and the phone, "Isn't she cute? Yes you are!"

Check out the ad after the break.

Thanks to bhughes719 for the video, and everybody wo was forced to watch Nickelodeon for the tips!