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by Maggun on 1/30/2010 | ; Tags: - none - | 0 comments

Description: SecuStore enables you to safely store sensitve data like pins, credit card numbers and varius passwords on your palm pre or pixi. It allows you to organize your data into sets that are encrypted and stored indiviually and that can each be accessed with a single master password.

SecuStore uses the blowfish cipher in combination with the sha-256 hash algorithm to store your data in a secure fashion.

It also offers various features that will help you enormously to manage and maintain your data:

  • Make your passwords stronger using the build in password generator that turns user input into genuinly random passwords! You may choose between an alphanumeric password, a password that is easy to type in on the Pre or Pixi and no character restriction at all.
  • Use SecuStores Auto Insert feature to conveniently access your online accounts by only a few taps or use it to change your old passwords for the ones SecuStore generated for you!
  • Prevent data loss by backing up your sets or transfer your data between devices.
  • Import data from other applications using SecuStore ability to import any kind of csv file!
  • Let SecuStore remind you whenever one of your passwords has expired after a lifespan that you determine!
  • Use the gesture lock to protect your passwords while the card is minimized.

SecuStore is now supported by Save/Restore from webOS internals which makes for a very easy backup procedure. Check out Save/Restore via Preware!

SecuStore is yet in development which means that it is still lacking some functions that will be included in the final release. You are welcome (and encouraged!) to give suggestions or report bugs which you can do in the dedicated forum.

Note: This beta version will expire on September 1st 2010. After that it can only be used for viewing existing data. The full version of SecuStore is now available in the app catalog. There is also a lite version for free.


Version 0.9.14:

  • Final expiration date: September 1st 2010

Version 0.9.13:

  • customized splash screen
  • sort by alteration date

Version 0.9.12:
General refactoring for compability with desktop client:

  • Small changes in encryption implementation
  • set names, item titles and template names have to be unique
  • keeping track of alteration dates

Version 0.9.11:

  • Fixed copy to clipboard bug
  • recognition of dates, e-mail adresses, phone numbers and URLs --> open calendar, e-mail, phone or browser from item view

Version 0.9.10:

  • Fixed bug with passwords, titles and notes containing &'s
  • enabled copying notes to clipboard

Version 0.9.9:

  • Fixed bug regarding Gesture Lock
  • Disabled full "shutdown" after expiry of a version

Version 0.9.8:

  • Improved encryption implementation (SHA256, key strengthening)
  • Help, including a full manual
  • Improved password strength indicator

Version 0.9.7:

  • fixed bug occuring when changing the password of a set
  • fixed bug occuring when trying to import without having created a set
  • New feature: restore from clipboard
  • Provided workaround for the trailing ampersand bug
  • Sets can now be deleted from the start screen.
  • Improved CSV import

Version 0.9.6:

  • improved error handling
  • fixed bug occuring when moving items from one set to another
  • csv import

Version 0.9.5:

  • SecuStore is now fully customizable!
  • Order items by template or title
  • Tap row to copy to clipboard
  • Various optimizations and refactoring

Version 0.9.4

  • Added preferences to main scene
  • New feature gesture lock

Version 0.9.3

  • Some icons have changed
  • Commit login with enter button
  • Sets stay unlocked until locked manually or app is closed
  • Items can be moved between sets

Version 0.9.2

  • New feature "instant search"
  • New option "open in browser" in the auto insert card stage
  • New feature for password generator: generate passwords by shaking
  • Fixed bug where master passwords where reset to an empty string after restoring a set.

Version 0.9.1

  • Overall design has changed!
  • New type "License Key"

Version 0.9.0

  • initial release