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While you are only able to send a text message to a single recipient when initiating a new conversation via Universal Search or when responding to an existing conversation, there is a way to send a single message to multiple contacts at once. To initiate a multi-contact message, first you need to open up a new message by either pressing the new message icon New SMS icon on the bottom left corner of the Messaging App, selecting the "Share via MMS" option while viewing a photo, or by clicking any variation of "share via SMS" from within another app or while sharing an app link from the App Catalog. Then, in the "TO:" area at the top of the message just type to search for your first contact and when select the phone number you want to text, the recipient's name will appear. Then, just start typing again to search for the next contact and continue until you have everyone you need included. You can also automate this process by using apps such as LaunchPoint Speed Dial or Mail Lists, but due to webOS limitations you can only initiate any new message from within those apps

Note that while you can send a single message out to multiple contacts, the recipients don't see who else you sent that message to, nor can they reply back to everyone.


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