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Sending an address to your GPS TeleNav app

by Adam Marks Mon, 11 Oct 2010 12:10 pm EDT

In addition to simply doing an address search within your TeleNav application (e.g. Sprint Navigation, AT&T Navigator), there are a few ways that you can import those addresses into your app, including options from both on your device and from a computer. Note that not all GPS navigation software is covered by this tip (such as Verizon Navigator), so please check the TeleNav Supported Devices page to check to see if your device is included. Continue reading after the break to learn how to import these address.

  • Open up a Contact record by opening up the Contacts App or by performing a Universal Search for the contact, and then press either the Orange/Silver button or the Shift button ( Shift Key ) and tap on an address in the record. A pop-up should appear giving you the option to send the address to either Google Maps or to your TeleNav software.
  • Go to the TeleNav homepage ( and click on the "My TeleNav" option on the page header. From here, you can log into your account and perform a variety of activities, including searching for an address to add your "Favorites" or editing any of your "Favorites" addresses already on your account.
  • On any computer, access Google Maps in your browser and perform a search for any address. Once you have an address (or a destination if looking up directions), click on the Google Maps Send link just above the top-right corner of the map and select "GPS" on the left side of the pop-up. From here you can provide a "Name" for this address, then choose TeleNav in the "Brand" dropdown, put in your phone number, and click the "Send" button. You should receive a text message on your phone indicating that the address has been sent. To access this address on your phone, open up your TeleNav software, select "Drive To", then "My Favorites", choose "RECEIVED ADDRESSES" on the top of the page, and you should see the address. Just tap the address to get your directions.

Thanks to Tom Ryan for suggesting this tip

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