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Set a Contact profile picture

by Adam Marks Sun, 27 Feb 2011 10:42 pm EST

You may notice that some of your contacts have a profile picture assigned to them because those pictures comes from an account like Facebook or LinkedIn where a person can upload their own picture. You are also able to assign your own picture to that contact if you would like based off a photo that you currently have on your device or a new photo you can take right then. Once set, this picture will then appear every time you have a Messaging conversation or call that contact, search for that contact in Universal Search/Just Type, or just when you are browsing the Contacts app. Keep reading after the break to learn how to set a contact's profile picture.


To assign the contact picture:

  • Open up that contact record and click the "Edit" button.
  • If necessary, tap on the "account icon" in the top-right hand corner of the screen (to the right of the contact's name) to select the account* you want to assign this picture to
  • If no picture has been previously set, just tap on the  icon on the right of the second row (directly below the "account icon" from the previously step).
  • If a photo has already been set, you will see that photo there already. Tap on that photo to get a pop-up with the options to "Change Photo" or "Delete Photo" and then just tap "Change Photo"
  • You will then be able to select any existing photos on your device or tap the "New Photo" button on the top to take a new picture.
  • Once you get find the picture, zoom in (via pinch-to-zoom) and/or move the photo to determine exactly what part of the pic you want to display for the contact.
  • Tap the "Assign to Contact" button when done.
  • Once you are back on the "Edit Contact" screen, press the "Done" button on the bottom-left corner
  • Unfortunately, if the contact record that you added the picture to is not the "primary profile" for that contact, you will notice that the picture you just selected does not show up in the top-right corner of the screen. To set the primary profile, tap on the top row of the record (that has the name and profile picture) to list all the linked contact records, tap on the record with the photo you just added and select "Set As Primary Profile"

 * Note that only contact accounts that allow "edit" access, such as the Palm Profile or Google, will allow you to assign a picture. If you want to assign a picture to a contact that does not belong to an editable account, you can create a blank contact record for that person, follow the directions above to assign a picture, and then just link those records together

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