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Set contact reminder

by Adam Marks Tue, 11 Jan 2011 11:34 am EST

As briefly referenced in the Universal Search Contacts tip, you are able to set a reminder for a contact so that any time you communicate with that person (text message, phone call, email, etc), a notification will appear with that reminder. This is extremely convenient if someone owes you money, if you lent out a movie to them, or if you just have a funny story to tell them next time you talk. Continue reading after the break to learn how to set or delete those reminders

There are a few different ways to set a reminder

  1. Open up a contact's record, and then swipe down from the top-left to bring down the Contacts Application drop-down and choose "Add Contact Reminder"
  2. From within the contact's record, press the "Edit" button on the bottom left and then scroll down to the "REMINDER" section and add a reminder
  3. Perform a search via Universal Search and choose the "Add Reminder.." option at the bottom.

Once a reminder is set, you can refer back to it by performing a Universal Search for that person (with the "Add Reminder…" option being replaced with the actual reminder) or you can open up the contract's record itself. In addition, that reminder notification will appear every time you get or receive a text, email or call from that person. If you just swipe away that reminder notification, it will disappear for that instance, but will reappear next time you communicate with the person. If you tap on the notification (or the Reminder detail listed from a Universal Search), it will bring you to the reminder detail screen, where you can edit the reminder or tap the trashcan icon on the lower-left to delete it. 

Thanks to xstrex on twitter for suggesting this tip


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