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Set the first phone number or email address for a contact

by Adam Marks Tue, 19 Apr 2011 9:45 pm EDT

If you have ever searched for a contact in messaging, email or even Universal Search/Just Type, you may have noticed that the order of the resulting phone numbers or email address can be seemingly random at times.  You can try reordering the numbers in the contact’s record, but that doesn’t always put the results in the order that you want.  This can be rather frustrating, especially when you just want to press the comma or the enter key to select the first item in the list instead of having to tap on the touchscreen every time.  Luckily, there is a rather simple solution, albeit not all that elegant, that utilizes synergy and linked accounts to solve this problem

The first thing you will need is the specific phone number or email address that you want to default to the top of the list.  The easiest way to get this is to open the SMS app or the email app and search for the contact's information you need.  Once you select the number or email you want, tap on it in the TO field to highlight it and do a Meta-tap C (hold the gesture area and press the C on the keyboard) to copy that to the clipboard.

Then, open up the contacts app, press the button to open a new contact record, and paste in the data to the respective phone number or email address field by doing a Meta-tap V (gesture area + V).  Don’t forget to give the contact record a name so you can easily find it again and then press “Done”

You will return to the contacts app and will then need to do a search for the contact you just created.  One of two things will happen.  Either you will see a separate contact record for both the original record and the new one you created, or Synergy will automatically link those two records together.  If you see just one record, tap on it to open it up.  If you see two records, tap on the new one (if you can figure out which one that is) to load it up. You will need to link this record to the original contract record you already had on your device by tapping on the contacts name, selecting “Link more profiles…”, and doing a search for the original contact record. Once you tap on the contact, you will be brought to the contact record with the multiple records linked together

Due to the nature of how Synergy works, nothing will appear to have changed in the record since you did not add in a new phone number or email address to the account.  However, if you go ahead and set the new record (with just the single phone number/email address) as the Primary Profile for that contact, whenever you do a search that phone number or email address will show up first.  To do this, tap on the name of the contact again to show a list of linked Profiles.  If the new record is not already at the top of the list, tap on the row for the new record you just created above and select “Set as Primary Profile” in the pop-up menu. From here on out, that phone number or email address should always show up first during any searches

While creating a duplicate record for this contact is not the most efficient method to manage your contacts, the beauty of Synergy is that once you link the records together, you would never know that there was more than one contact in your address book unless you edit the record and where you will see multiple rows with the same number.  Also, as long as the new record does not have a contact photo attached to it, webOS will still use the linked account that does have the photo

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