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Set IM status

by Adam Marks Tue, 12 Jul 2011 10:30 pm EDT

When you add any IM account to the messaging app (GTalk, AIM, Skype), you can set your status as being Available, Busy, or Offline directly from the Messaging app. In the top-left corner of the Touchpad's app or while on the "Buddies" section of your phone's messaging app, you will see a little circle that will either be clear (offline), green (available) or orange (busy). If you want to change the current status, just tap on that circle and select your current status. Unfortunately, you can not set your status by account, such as allowing you to be logged in to Skype but not AIM.

However, you may occasionally see a circle that is filled in only halfway with color. This means that you are signed in to some, but not all, of your IM accounts. While you can not choose to selectively log in to different accounts on your Touchpad, this may occur if you sign in on your PC or another device to an account that only supports a single sign-on.

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