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Set a power-on PIN or password

by Adam Marks Mon, 09 Aug 2010 5:32 pm EDT

As smartphones have become more powerful and part of our daily lives, the amount of sensitive information that has been entered into those phones has also increased. Therefore, you may want to consider setting a power-on password to prevent anyone from accessing your data in case your phone is lost or someone else gets a hold of it without your knowledge. Continue reading after the break to learn how to set your PIN or password, as well as some other privacy options you in webOS

To set a PIN or Password:

  1. Open up the Screen & Lock app ( Screen & Lock )
  2. Scroll down to the "SECURE UNLOCK" section.
    • If you have not previously set a PIN/Password, you will just see an option for "Off".
    • If a PIN/Password has been set, the first row will indicate what type of option has been set.
  1. Click on that first row of the "SECURE UNLOCK" section and then choose the unlock option you want and follow the onscreen directions. The three options are:
    1. Off: No unlock code
    2. Simple PIN: a numeric-only PIN that can be anywhere from 1 - 29 digits long (Note that in early versions of webOS, this could only be 4 digits long, but now it can be as short as just one number)
    3. Password: any combination of letters, numbers or symbols 
  1. Be sure to remember your PIN/password. If you forget it, you will need to remotely reset your phone and may lose data
  2. Choose a "Lock After" option, which indicates how long the screen needs to be turned off before the need to reenter your password/PIN.  You can choose any time from immediately after the screen turns off up to 30 minutes.

Note that even though you may have a password set to access your phone, your notification can still be seen from the lock screen. If you would like to prevent your notifications from showing on the lock screen, you can update that in the "NOTIFICATIONS" section, just underneath the "SECURE UNLOCK" area. Just set the "Show when locked" to "NO".

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